Welcome to GowandaOnline

     GowandaOnline was first estabished in April 1999 as a site about and for the small rural community of Gowanda, NY. The original site was largely comprised of archive material from the local newspaper supplimented with original material. Over the years, GowandaOnline has become a prominent result in any online searches containing "Gowanda" and receives visitors from around the world.

     Despite the popularity of the site with people having a Gowanda connection but living elsewhere, the site failed as the resource to the local community that it was hoped to be. To address this situation, the site has changed and taken on more online community attributes. The original site did not adapt well to an initial format change. A new Content Management System has been taken on which seems to fit the original design of the site better. The upgraded site is now actually two parallel site working together to address the original content plus the social community overlay.

     In August 2013, GowandaOnline transitioned into a revised and upgraded version taking on the following two partitions:

     This read-only section of the site is made up largely of archives from the local paper and original content of local events. [Please note that, as of the initial August 20, 2013 re-launch, much of the original content has not yet been transferred as primary efforts have been restricted to reworking the structure of the archive area. This content will be added as time allows.]

     Areas included in this section:

    Daily Life
  • Birth Announcements
  • Academic Kudos
  • Military Service
  • Marriage/Engagements
  • Obituaries
  • Local Government
    Annual Events
  • Pioneer Days
  • Harley/Hollywood Happening
  • Music in the Park
  • Classic Car Show
  • Ducky Derby/Midnight Madness
  • Harvest Hertitage Fall Festival
    Historical Series
  • Gowanda Timeline
  • Millennium Retrospective
  • Reflections
  • I Remember ...
  • Those WereThe Days
  • Year In Review
    Special Interest
  • 2009 Flood
  • Zoar Valley - Information related to the local Zoar Valley Multiple Use Area (MUA) and Gowanda's related Zoar Valley Gateway Project.

     The Social Community does require a login. It contains all of the original user-interactive material plus added social wall-sharing features. This area features a community wall plus individual user walls. Users will find the environment similar to FaceBook with friend lists, groups, private messages and the sharing of all forms of media.

     Special areas

    From the original GowandaOnline site:
  • Community Calendar - A place to list up coming events of interest to the Gowanda area community.
  • Community Directory - A directory individuals, businesses and community groups of special interest.
  • GCS Alumni Directory An resource for collecting GCS alumni contact information. [Individual class years can also interact though designated groups and forums.]
  • Lawn/Garage Sale listings - You can list your Yard Sale here for a listing complete with locator map!
  • Gowanda Tri-County Classifieds - An online Classifieds Section just for the Gowanda area.
    Newly adapted content:
  • Chat - Partnering with Freichat, we are able to offer a FaceBook stlye IM chat box at the botton of the page and chat rooms. Some basic chat rooms are available, but registered users can open their own temporary rooms.
  • Forums - Partnering with Discussions, there is a forum (message board) area available. Some general starter topics will be available, but specialized forums for your group, public or private (with password), will be provided upon request.
     I have no control over any pages except those I have written and posted myself. I can not take responsibilty for the content of pages linked, directly or indirectly downline, from the pages which I have linked to this page. When posted, the links included were functional and suitable for the general public.
     Additionally, with the addition of enhanced user interactive areas, the management of this site can not be responsible for the actions of the users of this site. It is expected that everyone using this site will do with consideration and respect for other users of the site and any material shared will be legal and appropriate to the individual recipient(s). While the management of the site is not responsible what is posted/shared here, any issue that may arise, will be dealt with once it is brought to our attention.

     GowandaOnline was originally created by Bill Peglowski / Falcon Productions in April 1999 and moved to its own URL, www.Gowanda-NY.com, on September 2, 2000.

This page was last updated Saturday, February 15, 2014.